Skin - Calligaris - Ginocchi Arredamenti

Redefining Modern Design: The SKIN Stool by Calligaris

Modern furnishing is a field in constant evolution, where design merges with functionality to create unique and distinctive pieces. A perfect example of this fusion is the SKIN stool by Calligaris, a piece of furniture that combines a minimalist aesthetic with unparalleled functionality.

Skin - Calligaris - Ginocchi Arredamenti
Skin – Calligaris – Ginocchi Arredamenti

Minimalism and Functionality

The SKIN stool responds to a minimalist language, with its simple yet refined design. This stool is an indispensable ally in every home, thanks to its versatility and its ability to adapt to any environment. Its colorful and stackable design makes it a functional piece of furniture while being aesthetically pleasing.

Technology and Materials

The resistance and lightness of the SKIN stool are guaranteed by the innovative air-moulding technology, a process that allows for exceptional robustness, as well as reducing the weight of the product. The shock-absorbing support feet are made of high-resistance polyethylene, interchangeable. It is made of polypropylene complete with footrest, it can also be used outdoors, demonstrating great versatility.

Conclusion: A New Standard in Design

Modern furnishing is not just a matter of aesthetics, but also of functionality and innovation. The SKIN stool by Calligaris represents a perfect example of how these elements can be combined to create a unique and distinctive piece of furniture. With its minimalist design and its extraordinary functionality, this stool is destined to become a benchmark in the world of modern design.