The Art of Contemporary Design: Wall 12 by Novamobili

In the world of contemporary furniture and design, the search for innovative and functional solutions is constant. An excellent example of this search is the Wall 12 bookcase by Novamobili, a storage system designed for modern living spaces. This article will explore the unique features of Wall 12 and how it represents a benchmark in contemporary design.

Libreria Wall 12

Innovative Design

Wall 12 is a system with multiple design solutions, characterized by slim lines and a balanced ratio between full and empty spaces. This innovative design makes it an ideal system for accommodating and organizing new living areas. The bookcase was designed to display and organize, offering multiple design cues in combination with the Box 18 floor-standing base units.

Technical Details

The Wall 12 system stands out for its floor-standing structure that includes a 1.2 cm thick top and hinged doors that only open with a push-to-open mechanism. This technical detail not only adds a touch of elegance to the design but also ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience. The system is available in different heights, widths, and depths, offering unprecedented design flexibility.

Libreria Wall 12

Finishes and Materials

Novamobili offers a wide range of finishes for Wall 12, including matte lacquers, eco-woods, super matt, and oxidized lacquers. This variety of options allows you to customize the system based on the specific needs of each space, while at the same time ensuring a refined and contemporary aesthetic.


Wall 12 by Novamobili represents an excellent example of how contemporary design can combine functionality and aesthetics. With its slim lines, multiple design solutions, and a wide range of available finishes, Wall 12 offers a versatile and stylish storage solution for modern living spaces.