The Stave Wardrobe: A Triumph of Design and Functionality

The Stave wardrobe by Novamobili represents a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. This exclusive hinged-door wardrobe stands out for its unique features that make it not just a piece of furniture, but a true protagonist of the space.

Innovative Design

The Stave wardrobe is characterized by its doors with vertical battens and curved modules, elements that define its aesthetic identity. The push-pull opening, devoid of handles, gives the door a paneling appearance, making the Stave wardrobe particularly suitable to be used as a room divider. This feature, combined with the possibility of reducing the doors in height, offers great flexibility in terms of adaptability to the surrounding environment.

Stave – Novamobili – Ginocchi Arredamenti

Functionality and Safety

Beyond its aesthetic aspect, the Stave wardrobe offers a series of functionalities that increase its usability. The doors are equipped with slow-motion hinges and pre-assembled triple-adjustment linear bases, ensuring a smooth and silent opening and closing. Furthermore, the wardrobe is equipped with a safety system that provides for wall mounting, to prevent any overturning when all the doors are opened simultaneously.

Internal Accessories and Lighting

The Stave wardrobe is not only beautiful to look at, but also practical to use. Inside, in fact, it is possible to install a series of accessories that increase its functionality. Among these, lit glass shelves, hangers, shoe rack shelves, and clothes lifts, both in manual and motorized versions. Moreover, the wardrobe can be equipped with an internal lighting system, which enhances its aesthetics and facilitates its use.

Stave – Novamobili – Ginocchi Arredamenti


The Stave wardrobe by Novamobili represents an excellent solution for those looking for a piece of furniture that combines contemporary design and advanced functionality. Thanks to its versatility and the possibility of customization, it fits perfectly into any environment, contributing to creating an elegant and functional space.